Bruce 22 | Electric Boats

The Bruce 22 was inspired by the Chris-Craft 1947 classic design. The hull and deck construction of this Electric Runabout is the same than the Classic Utility style. There are several versions of this boat, each with different power options.

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Bruce 22 | Electric Boats

The luxurious Canadian Electric Bruce 22 boats are distinguished by their classic, time-defying design and traditional boat models. These boats sure look classic, but they are not antiques! We manufacture them by hand using the latest technologies adapted to composite materials. At that, we marry mahogany floors, traditional mahogany seats and mahogany deck. This flagship boat is timeless and a must-have for your family’s enjoyment of sailing for generations.

This high-performance electric boat takes its name from the famous naval architect Ian Bruce, creator of the laser boat. The heart of the Bruce 22 is an electric propulsion system powered by the same Panasonic batteries as Tesla. We use a water-cooled permanent magnet motor with digital settings.


Canadian Electric Bruce 22


Technical specifications

Maximum speed 65.9 km/h (41 mph) *
Cruising speed 32 km/h (20 mph) *
Capacity 5-8 passengers
Dry Weight 1088 Kg (2400 pounds)
Hull Material Fiberglass
Overall Length 6.7 m (22′)
Overall Width 2.08 m (6’6”)
Draft 0.45 m (18”)
Homologation USA, Canada, Europe
Woodwork Mahogany, Teak
dimensions bruce 22E electric
Bruce 22 includes
  • Low Maintenance Fee
  • Noiseless
  • Navigate for pennies with peace of mind
  • 100 kW/H Motor **
  • Lithium Battery ***
  • LED Light

* The displayed speed only apply to the Bruce Hatchback and Open Utility.
The Bruce T has a maximum speed of 11 km/h (7 mph) and a cruising speed of 8.05 km/h (5 mph).

** The 100 KW/h motor is exclusive to the Bruce Hatchback and Open Utility.

*** The lithium battery is available for the Bruce T upon request only.


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