F-RIB 275 | Foldable Rib

F-RIB 275 | Foldable Rib


Length: 9′
Width: 5.25′
Depth: 1.5′
Cockpit Length: 6.25′
Cockpit Width: 2.66′
Dry weight:  36kg / 79lbs
The diameter of the tube: 1.33′
Maximum power: 15hp
Power recommended: 5-10hp
Passenger capacity: 3 People/660 lbs
Payload: 300kg
Folded Dimensions: 2’11” x 2’11” x 1’6”


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F-RIB 275 | Foldable Rib

The smallest in the Foldable RIB range, the F-RIB 275  is a perfect inflatable dinghy  and only 9 feet in length can be packed and stored with ease.

The F-RIB 275 can be assembled and inflated in less than 5 minutes with no hassle and extra parts to worry about.

These compact inflatable boats have a rigid fiberglass hull making them very resistant to wear and tear.

Boats which are this versatile did not exist until the F-RIB. With the solid GRP hull the F-RIB provides superior ride and comfort over other inflatable boats. Because of the unique foldable concept of the hull, the F-RIB is able to be packed, stored and carried like a normal inflatable boat.

The F-RIB 275 is a perfect tender for all powerboats and sailing yachts. With minimal dimensions, these boats are easily stored in your trunk, cockpit locker, or tender garage. You can also leave the boats on deck in the packing bag.


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