F-RIB 430 | Foldable Rib

F-RIB 430 | Foldable Rib


Overall length: 14.33′

The length of the cockpit: 11′

Beam: 6.25′

The width of the cockpit: 3′

Height at midships: 1.83′

The diameter of tube: 1.5′

Number of cylinders compartments: 5

Max. Load capacity : 1700 lbs

Passenger capacity : 6 persons

Max. Outboard: 30

Deadrise at the transom: 15 degrees

Deadrise at midships: 1″

Weight of the boat: 150 lbs

Dimensions folded: 3’10” x 3’10” x 1’7″


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F-RIB 430 | Foldable Rib

The new Foldable RIB 430 is the latest addition to the fleet and by adding one more articulation joint we have managed to create a mighty capable RIB that still folds down to fit in the back of a car with the seats folded down. The large roomy cockpit and larger are ideal for those that like to spend time on the water in large company or require a larger capacity payload and / or a more powerful engine.

With the F-RIB 430, the tubes are compressed of five separate sealed chambers giving increased safety for the more adventurous FRIBBER and the deadrise at 20 degrees midships gives a remarkably comfortable ride in bigger seas that is comparable to classic non-folding RIBs.

The F-RIB 430 is one of several foldable rib boats in our inventory.


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