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NAVY 3.0 EVO | ePropulsion

Our NAVY 3.0 EVO electric outboard motor delivers nimble and efficient 6 HP. Sleek, easy to use and eco-friendly, this motor will be a staple of your boating experience for years to come. In contrast to Navy 6.0 EVO, the brushless DC motor of Navy 3.0 EVO is located at the bottom of its aluminum case, which makes cooling more effective by direct heat exchange with water. Its gearbox free design eliminates noise effectively and avoids maintenance concerns associated with other motors with gearbox design in the market. The built-in motor protection slows and/or stops the motor when it strikes an underwater object by accident.

  • Real-time Display
    • Battery level, input power, speed & voltage
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Battery Alert
  • Tiller Throttle/Direct Drive
  • In-Built GPS
    • Calculates real-time speed and estimate remaining range
  • Communication Cable
  • Wireless Remote control
    • Operable by tiller or remote control


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Navy 3.0

NAVY 3.0 Tiller Shortshaft, NAVY 3.0 Tiller Longshaft, NAVY 3.0 Remote Shortshaft, NAVY 3.0 Remote Longshaft


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