SPIRIT 1.0 PLUS | ePropulsion

Brand: ePropulsion

Input Power 1kw
Equivalent Horsepower 3hp
Motor Weight 23.4lbs
Battery Weight 19.2 lbs
Battery Capacity 1276 Wh
Running Time (Economical Speed) 5hrs
Running Time (Full Speed) 1hr 15min
Non-commercial use only
Shaft Length  20.7, 24.6, 29.5 inches
Warranty 2 years


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SPIRIT 1.0 PLUS | ePropulsion

The 1KW Lithium-ion battery of Spirit 1.0 Plus delivers the most charming performance of its kind. At full speed, one battery works for up to 1 hour; but for leisure cruise, it usually lasts 3 to 5 hours. Thanks to its detachable design, you can bring alternate batteries on board to extend your sailing time.

Unlike traditional petrol outboards, Spirit 1.0 Plus is emission-free and much quieter. You can enjoy an unbothered trip when the noise from the motor is covered by the sound of splashes.

Additional information

Spirit 1.0

SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Tiller – Extra Shortshaft (20.7"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Tiller – Short Shaft (24.6"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Tiller – Long Shaft (29.5"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Remote – Short Shaft (24.6"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Remote – Long Shaft (29.5")


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