SPIRIT 1.0 PLUS | ePropulsion

Brand: ePropulsion

Input Power 1kw
Equivalent Horsepower 3hp
Motor Weight 23.4lbs
Battery Weight 19.2 lbs
Battery Capacity 1276 Wh
Running Time (Economical Speed) 5hrs
Running Time (Full Speed) 1hr 15min
Non-commercial use only
Shaft Length  20.7, 24.6, 29.5 inches
Warranty 2 years



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SPIRIT 1.0 PLUS | ePropulsion

The 1KW Lithium-ion battery of Spirit 1.0 Plus delivers the most charming performance of its kind. At full speed, one battery works for up to 1 hour; but for leisure cruise, it usually lasts 3 to 5 hours. Thanks to its detachable design, you can bring alternate batteries on board to extend your sailing time.

Unlike traditional petrol outboards, Spirit 1.0 Plus is emission-free and much quieter. You can enjoy an unbothered trip when the noise from the motor is covered by the sound of splashes.

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Spirit 1.0

SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Tiller – Extra Shortshaft (20.7"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Tiller – Short Shaft (24.6"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Tiller – Long Shaft (29.5"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Remote – Short Shaft (24.6"), SPIRIT 1.0 Plus Remote – Long Shaft (29.5")


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