TEMO 450 Anti-theft Device

TEMO 450 Electric Outboard Motor Anti-theft Device

The anti-theft device is an essential accessory when you’re heading ashore and don’t want to take your TEMO·450 with you on a hike or if you’re going shopping.

The handcuffs on the lock are rubber-coated to prevent scratching your motor.

Attach one handcuff to the blue tube (which is virtually impossible to remove with basic tools) and the other handcuff to any fixed point (mooring ring or dinghy handle).


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The anti-theft device can be used even when your TEMO·450 is stored in its cover.
Sturdy and easy to use, the steel lock is supplied with 4 keys.

Diameter: 74mm
Length: 0.36m
Security level: 9/10

Additional information

Weight 2.76 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 5 × 2 in