TEMO 450 Spare 220V/110V Charger

TEMO 450 Electric Outboard Motor Spare 220V/110V Charger

The 220V charger has been specially designed for TEMO·450 motors and is supplied initially when you purchase your motor. With 116 watts of power, it allows you to fully charge the battery of your TEMO·450 in 3 to 3½ hours. This is with an energy consumption of around 0.37 kWh (8 cents per 3½ h).

With the 220V charger, recharge your TEMO·450 from a mains socket (220V).


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Instructions for use:
Before plugging in your motor to charge up, make sure you use the charger in a well-ventilated area and do not cover the TEMO or the charger to avoid overheating during the charging process.
Note that the TEMO·450 charging connector is waterproof and IP67 certified. However, always check that the connector is dry and that the charger itself is not wet before charging to avoid the risk of a short circuit or sparks.
When charging the TEMO·450, do not plug in the magnetic key, as the motor gauge does not indicate the state of charge.
When charging is complete after around 3 to 3½ hours (if the battery is completely flat), the charger indicator light will change from red (while charging) to green, indicating that your TEMO·450 is fully charged.
To disconnect your TEMO·450, remove the plug from the mains socket first, then the plug from the motor itself.

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